Dont give up

sometimes you've got to take risks to follow or make your dreams a reality it only takes one element in your life to sustain yourself and that word is consistency to all your obstacles be that one person that is loyal to one vision so that all your energy is committed and directed mainly on what your heart desires 

Don't give up sitting around and waiting for someone to make a move on something you want so bad or blaming the system in which the universe operates only gives you a step further from what you can fully achieve but if you step up and take risks and responsibilities in what is distant for you then not even the sky is the limit. 



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Dag Andreas

24.11.2016 kl.12:07

Flink du er!


24.11.2016 kl.12:08

Dag Andreas: takk

Tessa Bennett

24.11.2016 kl.17:12

S flink og motiverende du er! :)


24.11.2016 kl.17:57

Tessa Bennett: tusen takk:)

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14, Porsgrunn

Jeg er Sarah, 14 r,over middels interessert i kaste tunge ting langt. Jeg er utrolig glad i trene, syntes det er gy med mote og er nok ei ml bevist jente. JEG VET HVA JEG VIL!